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Jeanologia presents “Sanibox” the only sanitization technology certified to eliminate the coronavirus from textiles and footwear


Sanitizing quickly and safely, it ensures a level of safety that allows the product to be used without risking health

It combines ozone technology with humidity control

The company is in contact with the main textile groups

sanibox-_opt Jeanologia, world leader in sustainable and efficient technology development, presents “Sanibox”, the only sanitization technology on the market certified to eliminate the coronavirus from textiles, apparel, workwear, and footwear. “Sanibox” has a 98% sanitization level, is certified by CSIC, (Spanish National Research Council the largest public research institution in Spain and the third largest in Europe.) complies with AFNOR NFT 72-281.

Using this sanitization box, Jeanologia disinfects in a fast and safe way, guaranteeing a level of safety that allows the use of the product without risk to health since it eliminates the bacteria and deactivates the virus. Otherwise this could only be achieved if the garments were put in quarantine for a minimum of 72 hours, or if they were washed at 60ºC (140ºF) each time. This innovative technological solution for sanitization also protects the colors, materials and feel of the garment and does so sustainably, without using water or chemicals.

Enrique Silla, Jeanologia’s founder, highlighted that “we have launched a product that will contribute to accelerating the recovery and generating consumer confidence, sanitization and sustainability will be the keys to the recovery of our industry. ”From the first moment we have studied the needs of the consumer after the coronavirus and of the textile industry in the short term and we set out to create a new technology for their future needs, putting people and the planet first”.

The company has managed to launch Sanibox in record time as it already had the technology and know-how, combining over 15 years producing ozone with the experience gained in recent months working on disinfecting face protection masks in Spain. “Consumers will not buy again if they do not feel safe,” said Silla. Therefore, “we must unite all the parties involved in the industry to protect workers and consumers throughout the different stages of the production process by using sanitization”, he concluded.

Sanibox: the science of sanitization

The company has developed this technological solution through a serious, rigorous and accredited study following the established regulations. The technological combination of dehumidification plus advanced oxidation makes it possible to sanitize garments at the required safety level, making Sanibox the perfect system for deactivating viruses.

Jeanologia is launching a range of Sanibox products for textiles, apparel, footwear and workwear, offering different products depending on needs: from shops for sanitizing garments after leaving the fitting room or returned garments; to distribution centers to ensure that garments are sanitized before they reach the shop or are sent online to individuals; to staff uniforms before use.

25 years working for the world

Since 1994 Jeanologia’s has been to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient industry through their disruptive technology and know-how. Their laser, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero, have revolutionized the textile industry.  They offer infinite design and garment finishing possibilities, while saving water, energy and chemicals, eliminating discharge and toxic emissions.

The company currently employs 257 Jeanologist from 27 nationalities and has clients in 5 continents through its 10 subsidiaries.  The export of its machines and services represents 90% of its total billing, reaching 66 countries. Over 35% of the 5 billion of jeans produced worldwide every year are made with their technologies, and the biggest market brands place their trust in Jeanologia, using technology developed by the company.