Jeanologia targeting Indonesia in broader aspects


Jeanologia founded in 1993 is a multi-cultural / multilingual company with more than 120 technical and creative people with one common passion-innovation. Jeanologia is keen to guide technological reformation of Indonesia’s textile industry. The Spanish company, specialising in development of sustainable technology for garment finishing, revealed its latest developments recently.

Currently, Indonesia generates 2 per cent of global jeans and wants to harness innovation and technology to use throughout its textile industry to attract big fashion brands and become competitive with other Asian countries. As per the company while to finish a denim garment, an average 70 liters of water is required, with the new technique the amount is reduced to a single glass.

For Fernando Pérez-Narbon, area manager at Jeanologia, achieving sustainable production is possible through innovation and technology. In the automotive sector, the company has been able to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions thanks to innovation and the same is happening in the textile sector: with technology, it is reducing water consumption and pollution, she added.