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Jeans market to grow 4.9% globally


denim-jeans_march-01It’s the time of jeans now. Demand for jeans is gradually increasing with strong growth expected in developing markets. South America leads this growth with a 12.1 per cent rate, while the rest of the world (all markets excluding North America, Europe, Turkey, Asia and South America) is set to increase in value by 19.7 per cent during the period. The global jeans market benefits from its unique position as a category that has surpassed trends, allowing consumers to buy any jean style they prefer without being out of step with fashion.

The US is predicted to maintain its position as the largest jeans market globally, with China following in second place. Nearly half of China’s jeans production stays inside the country, marking a significant increase from data collected five years prior. Around 22 per cent of the jeans manufactured in China are traded outside of traditional retail markets in exchange for goods or services rather than currency. Bangladesh has become a reliable market for jeans. This industry is expanding in Bangladesh with pragmatic way.