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Jeans & Sneakers are getting popularity in Australia


Jeans & Snickers are becoming popular among Australian women. Australian women like to take fashion risks. They buy a lot of organza, colors and cut-outs. Tailoring has become fashion, not just work wear. And they love linen. Linen’s popularity also reflects customers’ growing interest in sustainable fashion and people are willing to pay more for it. And they are going online in a big way. Consumers are developing more confidence to buy categories they would have previously shopped at a physical store, such as swimwear and denim.

Australia is a nation of T-shirt-and-jeans-loving shoppers, says online retailer The Iconic just released year in fashion report, which tallies the top sellers for the year, as well as breaking it down into various categories, including sportswear, gender and clothing with sustainable credentials.. And they are obsessed with sneakers. Popular footwear brands are Vans, Converse and Tirkenstock. The country’s female shoppers are becoming more comfortable with purchasing bigger ticket items online. Men love heritage brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Ray-Ban and Polo Ralph Lauren. The hottest brand of 2019 was Bottega Veneta. Other major trends of the decade include slogan tees, ugly sneakers and natural brows. Australian brands are turning against animal cruelty. Robust fashion policies are being aimed at reducing animal welfare risk and improving supply chain transparency.