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Joint Venture between Fineotex – Biotex & HealthGuard®, AUSTRALIA


Fineotex Chemical Limited has entered into a joint venture with HealthGuard® Australia to become the exclusive global marketing and sales Channel Partner with joint operations from Malaysia. With this tie-up, Fineotex will add to its portfolio the much-required metal-free safety for its customers around the world with all the required global certifications.

HealthGuard® will concentrate on developing cutting-edge solutions, that will be marketed and channelized across the world by Fineotex-Biotex, its exclusive channel partner for the entire range of products over several industries like textile, detergent, leather and allied industries.

The synergy between HealthGuard® & Fineotex – Biotex, will provide solutions that are the most durable metal-free sustainable chemistry (no silver, no zinc, no copper) anti-microbial and anti-viral sustainable chemistry in the market.

HealthGuard® is the ultimate name in Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Mosquito and Anti-Bed Bug finishes.

With textiles treated with solutions from Fineotex–Biotex Group and HealthGuard®, India will be able to step up in its fight against the pandemic and be on par with other developed economies. HealthGuard® AMIC is 99.94 per cent effective against killing coronavirus (H1N1-ISO18184 tested) SARS and influenza virus. It remains active on treated fabric even after 20 home laundering.

Commenting on the collaboration, Arindam Choudhuri, CEO of Fineotex Chemical Limited, said: “The synergy with HealthGuard® will add a crucial certified product line to our growing range of solutions and expand our global footprints. Protected and treated fabrics that are breathable, comfortable, and easy-to-care are going to increase in demand. As India and the world opens up gradually, just about everyone from students to factory workers, from tourists to staffers in the hospitality industry, will need to put on protected garments that can bring down the chances of them getting infected by the virus.”

Aarti Jhunjhunwala, Executive Director of Fineotex Chemical Limited, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has placed tremendous emphasis on fabrics that are treated and safe. This synergy with HealthGuard® signals the advancement that textile manufacturers will have to adopt so that the end consumers are confident of their safety.”

HealthGuard® is a well-known name in the Indian market with textile giants like Welspun, Trident, Himmatsingka Seide group treating their fabrics with its chemicals to make them safer for end use. Internationally, HealthGuard is approved as an antimicrobial active ingredient in M&S, TURNER BIANCA products. Globally customers use this product as it is an economic, safe and sustainable alternative to all heavy metal base chemistry like silver, zinc, copper.


Why is anti-viral protection essential?

People pass through air curtains of micro droplets of residual sneezes and coughs. These droplets remain suspended in the air for hours and are not visible to the naked eye. Not only do people breathe this air, these droplets cling on to clothes, get on hands and faces, which expose people to routes of ingestion.

A face mask/ shield can prevent their inhalation, a hand sanitizer can kill the virus, but the live virus droplets stay on clothes for hours, making the wearer a carrier to contaminate any other unsuspecting person, maybe a child who may hug parents returning from work.

Now, anti-viral treated fabrics reduce the chance of them becoming pathogen hotspots, thus immensely increasing the users’ and the planet’s hygiene, safety and confidence.02