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Jordan has been a popular destination for Bangladeshi garment workers


jordan-textileAccording to Arab News, Jordan has been a popular destination for Bangladeshi garment workers. Every week, hundreds of Bangladeshi women find work in Jordan’s apparel industry. 40,000 Bangladeshi women are employed in Jordan’s clothing industry. Bangladeshi women usually work as domestic assistants in other Middle Eastern nations. This provides an excellent chance for Bangladeshi female migrants to make more money as a competent worker in a more dignified environment. All they need is a few years of experience working in a local garment factory. Female migrants are particularly keen to take advantage of the chance since it is based on an employer-pay model, in which the employer covers all costs associated with the migrants’ services. Bangladeshi garment workers in Jordan earn between $260 and $360 a month on average, and they are all hired on two-year contracts. In 2010, Bangladesh began sending skilled garment workers to Jordan. Jordan’s clothing sector has grown dramatically in recent years. Since the relaxation of coronavirus limitations, demand for Bangladeshi labor has increased. Jordan only welcomed roughly 3700 Bangladeshi garment workers in 2020, but as of September 30, more than 12,300 had already gone for the Middle Eastern country. Jordanian employers are responsible for all expenditures associated with the processing of work permits, travel, lodging, and healthcare.