Jordan’s diverse apparel exports are valued at $4.149 billion in 2022

Jordan’s apparel exports worth $4.149 billion in 2022 had a diverse basket, with miscellaneous apparel products accounting for 44.48 per cent of total exports. Trousers and shorts remained the second most important item, accounting for 25.81 per cent of total sales. Jordan’s diverse apparel exports demonstrate the country’s global market presence.

Jordan exported other apparel worth $1.845 billion (44.48 per cent) in the same period. The miscellaneous list of items excludes trousers and shorts, jerseys, shirts, T-shirts, coats, innerwear, sportswear, dresses, skirts, suits, baby wear, swimwear, accessories, ensembles, nightwear, and socks.

Jordan’s diversified basket of apparel products shows a wide market presence and strong skill acknowledgement of the local industry by the world market, a uniqueness that sets it apart from other countries. 

Trousers and shorts exports accounted for $1.071 billion in the period under review, which was 25.81 per cent of the total exports. Among other prominent products in the export basket, jersey shipments were worth $604.736 million (14.57 per cent), shirts $210.470 million (5.07 per cent), T-shirts $185.973 million (4.48 per cent), coats $144.747 million (3.49 per cent), and jackets and blazers $22,960 (0.54 per cent).