Kaiser, Global Distributors of DyStar Laundry Auxiliaries looks good prospect of Bangladesh market

DyStar the one of the leading textile solution provider company around the world. Kaiser is the Global Distributors of DyStar Laundry Auxiliaries. Bangladesh is considered as one of the emerging market for Kaiser. Kaiser is operating Bangladesh market through its local agent Denim Solutions Ltd. Denim Solutions is offering denim laundry industries across the country a complete solution for auxiliaries. Denim Solutions have a strong and sound technical team to support its customers with best service. Working with more than 150 denim washing industries in Bangladesh since 4.5 years with a motto of sustainable eco-friendly auxiliary technology. Denim Solutions Limited is the only authorized washing chemicals agent of Kaiser in Bangladesh.

Denim Solutions Ltd. team with the expart team of Kaiser.
Denim Solutions Ltd. team with the expert team of Kaiser.

Textile Focus Editor M A Islam Riyadh met Mr. Umut DEMiRATS, Sales Regional Manager, Kaiser Tekstil ve Kimyevi Ürünleri Pazarlama Ticaret A.S. and Denim Solutions Ltd. team regarding the market scenario and future developments.

According to Mr. Umut, Bangladesh is my second home. I am here working for more than 09 years. It’s great to work for a long time here. We got a very excellent team here with our local agent Denim Solutions Ltd. It’s my opportunity to work here with such a good team.  Bangladesh is gradually increasing its market. For business Bangladesh is one of the biggest markets around the world.

Regarding his experience for working such a long time Mr. Umut mentioned that, 09 years before it was very difficult for us for technical issues. We are very happy that Bangladesh has grown up enough with technology and skill. We have developed our team and they are skilled enough now. So, I hope Bangladesh will move forward with positive changes. If I compare Bangladesh with the other countries i.e Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka; off course Bangladesh is in strong position. Bangladesh industry has been developed in technological issues. Everywhere latest technologies are followed and advanced machineries are used.  People are spending money to develop good team. So, I thing Bangladesh will be in leading position very soon.

Photo (Left to right): Mr. Umut DEMiRATS, Sales Regional Manager, Kaiser Tekstil ve Kimyevi Ürünleri Pazarlama Ticaret A.S. & M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus
Photo (Left to right): Mr. Umut DEMiRATS, Sales Regional Manager, Kaiser Tekstil ve Kimyevi Ürünleri Pazarlama Ticaret A.S. & M A Islam Riyadh, Editor, Textile Focus

In reply to consideration of Bangladesh market Mr. Umut told that, we focus in Bangladesh market very seriously. My opinion we see next five year a very good growth. We are developing a development center by our agent Denim Solutions Ltd.  and we will support them. We are not planning to production in near future. But let see the opportunities. I am handling 07 different countries. Here Bangladesh is the biggest.

Regarding recent developments Mr. Umut mentioned that, we have special R&D center in Turkey. As I mentioned, we are planning to open a new one in Bangladesh with Denim Solutions Ltd. We are always very serious about the sustainability issues. That’s why we are followed by regular R&D. We are working on father developments on less water, less energy, less worker issues.  Recently we present our new enzyme concept for sulphur dyed garments which has never been introduced by any supplier before. This enzyme concept gives a unique bleaching effect to sulphur dyed garments without any strength problem and it is possible to achieve new different light color looks with this concept easily from now on.

Mr. Forhad Hossan, Managing Director, Denim Solutions Ltd. said, “Denim Solutions Ltd. is passionate with denim and our expectation is very simple; to serve the denim laundry & garments washing industries surrounding Bangladesh with our partner Kaiser (Global distributor of DyStar Laundry Auxiliaries). We are working together to be the market leader with premium quality products, fastest support and world class service to our clients.”

 Mr. Sohel Rana, Director, Denim Solutions Ltd. mentioned, “Denim Solutions Ltd. is committed to the denim washing industries of Bangladesh with best support and products at a very competitive price. Since 2013 to today, we are serving the denim industry with the very latest technologies and solutions. We also provide technical supports on any auxiliary related issues. We are planning to focus on related machinery too under Denim & Jeans Technology Ltd. name.”