KARL MAYER acquires from MASTER the continuous dyeing technology with indigo

MASTER and KARL MAYER signed the agreement for transferring the continuous dyeing technology with indigo and other dyestuff of warp chains for denim fabrics. KARL MAYER takes over from MASTER patents, trademarks, projects and dyeing technology for machines model: Indigo Flow, Indigo Rope and Indigo Genius.

MASTER – pioneer and leader in the continuous dyeing with indigo and other dyestuffs, after the delivery of currently ordered machines, will stop the manufacturing of these kind of machines and will focus its activity to develop and manufacture new machines for packages and hank dyeing.

KARL MAYER – in its center of excellence for denim sector, KARL MAYER ROTAL, will further develop the Nitrogen technology, by integrating it into its current product range PRODYE-S and PRODYE-R.