Karl Mayer has developednet fabrics on its HKS 3-M machine

karl-mayer-net-fabricsKarl Mayer is a warp knitting machinery manufacturer. Recently Karl Mayer has developed a collection of lightweight, transparent net fabrics on its HKS 3-M machine in a gauge of E 28.The RJPC 4 F-NN jacquard raschel machine with fall plate, the RSE 4-1 raschel machine and various types of high-speed tricot machines can also be used to produce warp-knitted fabrics for the net curtain sector.

The HKS 3-M is another successful machine for producing embroidery grounds. This high-speed tricot machine produces open embroidery fabrics with a wide variety of ground constructions. These are in high demand, since the volume and range of designs for embroidery grounds are increasing all the time. The HKS 3-M is also being used successfully to produce upholstery fabrics.

The RJPC 4 F-NN is a jacquard raschel machine with fall plate. It is ideal for producing chunky fabrics with a hand-made look, as well as delicate, filigree, lightweight curtains. These fabrics, with their intricate, 3D jacquard patterns, are exported mainly to Eastern Europe and Iran, as well as to Western Europe, the USA, and recently to the first customers in India.