Karl Mayer is going to celebrate it’s 80 years

karl-mayer-logoKarl Mayer one of the leading textile machinery manufacturer is completing 80 years of innovation. On this occasion, the company is holding an in-house show at its headquarters in Obertshausen in July. The world market leader in textile machinery building will be demonstrating its progress-orientation by a series of events, at the company’s headquarters. The first event will be held in July 1 — an open day for the public. An in-house show for customers and business partners will follow on July 6 and 7. The manufacturer offers solutions for warp knitting, technical textiles and warp preparation for weaving. The company has subsidiaries in the US, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Switzerland as well as agencies all over the world.

The Weftronic II HKS is a high-performance warp knitting machine with weft insertion to match the courses. It enables the efficient production of extremely lightweight fabrics which are suitable to be used as interlining.

Karl Mayer is also a partner of composite sector. When it comes to manufacture of composite materials made from glass fibers, for example, the multi axial warp knitting machine Cop Max 4, 100 and the fiber spreading unit UD 700 are technical solutions of the highest perfection.