Khulna Divisional Textile Engineers Association hosts Iftar Mahfil

Desk Report: A new association has been formed by the former and current students of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) of Khulna Division, which is now known as the BUTEXian Association of Khulna Division (BAKD).

BUTEXian Association of Khulna Division (BARD) organized a Iftar Mahfil on7 APril 2023 at the Uttara Community Centre in the capital.

Engr.Mozzafar Hossain MP were present as a Chief guest.Engr. Shafiqur Rahman,President of ITET; Engr.Masudur Rahman,Chairman TED-IEB; Prof.Dr. Shah Alimuzzaman Belal,Acting VC of BUTEX; Prof.Dr.Mominul Alam;Engr.Selim Reza ,Sr.VP of ITET; Prof. Dr. Abul Kashem former VC of BUTEx chaired the Iftar Mahfil.Engr.Md. Rashidul Islam was the Program Convener; Engr..Md,.Touhidul Islam Kakon,Joint Secretary of ITET was the member secretary of BAKD; Engr.Ashraful Kabir Bipul organizing secretary of BAKD; Engr. Md. Shariful Islam organizing secretary of ITET were present.

On the event, BUTEXian Association of Khulna Division (BAKD) honored to Engr.Shafiqur Rahman,MD of Hams Group for CIP status in Bangladesh.

According to the speakers, The organization has established extensive connectivity. He emphasized that the organization’s rationale will remain relevant as long as it can facilitate job opportunities, scholarships, internships, and educational assistance.” Additionally, he advised that in order to thrive in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, individuals should strive to acquire new skills by adapting to new technologies.

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, textile engineers faced challenges that are now a daily task. To sustain the textile and garment industry, the ability of textile engineers should be advanced as well as the platform for information sharing between textile engineers should be improved.

The event provided an excellent platform for members to learn from each other, share their knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals. The BUTEXian Association of Khulna Division ( BAKD) get-together was a valuable experience for its members. It was an opportunity to network, learn, and have fun while celebrating the accomplishments of textile engineering.

The organizing committee has successfully created a platform that enables connectivity and information sharing among Textile Engineers.