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kappahlKappAhl has its sights set high when it comes to taking steps towards more sustainable and circular operations each year. As of 31 May, selected parts of Newbie’s assortment will be available to rent via rental service Hyber. The new collaboration is part of KappAhl’s work to make their clothing available to more people while lengthening the lifespan of the clothes in a step towards reducing the company’s environmental impact.

Every year, KappAhl strengthens its position as a supplier of affordable and responsible kidswear fit for life. As of 31 May, selected parts of Newbie’s assortment will also be available to rent via the rental service Hyber.

“To date, we have primarily sold KappAhl’s brands under our own auspices. Through Hyber, our products will be available to more people and the clothes will have a longer lifespan. Hyber’s services are highly rated by their customers and that seal of quality is crucial for our choice of partner,” says Desiré Westerberg, Vice President Business Unit Kids at KappAhl.

The partnership with Hyber is fully consistent with KappAhl’s ambitions to reduce the environment impact of its products in accordance with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to inspire customers to make more sustainable choices.

“Adding services that fit the increased demand for solutions as a complement to consumption gives each garment the chance to have a longer lifespan. The service will also provide us with important feedback from parents and children for the continued development of our products,” says Desire Westerberg.

First out on Hyber will be products in the smallest sizes from KappAhl’s brand Newbie. Hyber and KappAhl plan to quickly launch other parts of the kidswear selection as well, and to offer the new, in-demand brand Minories and Kaxs’ functional clothing for rent at that time.

KappAhl’s business concept – to offer affordable, thoughtfully designed and responsibly made products in which to play and grow – matches Hyber’s ambitions to give families with children access to high-quality products in a more sustainable and economical way.

“It’s incredibly fun that a player as big and important as KappAhl has chosen to work with us at Hyber. We see huge potential in KappAhl’s brands and look forward to offering their strong selection to our customers,” says Douglas Heidergren, CEO at Hyber.

More on KappAhl clothing at Hyber

  • Newbie collections are designed with the keywords timeless, sustainable and value for money, working from the idea that the garments can be passed down from one generation to the next. The entire Newbie range is made from more sustainable materials and 100 percent of the cotton is organic. To begin with, three different packages in sizes 50-62 (bodysuits, trousers, pyjamas, overalls, hats, socks and baby blankets) will be available on Hyber.
  • Minories is a conscientious brand that speaks the language of children. Inspired by kids’ different personalities, it encourages difference and gives every child the space to be themselves. Minories is aimed at young, playful kiddos aged 0-8. All pieces in the collection are designed with various clever features in order to last a long time and exclusively use materials from more sustainable sources.

Kaxs is a series of functional outerwear in sizes up to 140 cl. Waterproof functional jackets and shell trousers are just some of the top-sellers. Simply put, everything kids need to stay dry and happy, no matter the season.