Knittex Industries Ltd – “Ensuring quality one stitch at a time”

Knittex Industries Ltd. is a sister concern of Fuljhury Group. The company produces the best quality garment products starting from square one, raw cotton, and through knitting, dying, finishing, and printing, finally producing various types of clothing which meet international demands.

With advanced technology and global standards of social, technical and environmental compliance the company is well known to buyers as a producer of quality value-added products. While asked to the Director of the company Ehsan Haq, said that the vision of the company is to be one of the leaders among the garment factories in Bangladesh which have capacities for producing small quantity value added garments. He informed us that KIL is now considered to be one of the best-reputed garment industries in the country. Knittex wants to continue to grow in its capacity of producing high-value products across all quantity ranges.

Photo: Recently team Textile Focus visited Knittex Industries Ltd factory at Gazipur

Knittex is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of knit products with a wide range of t-shirts, polo shirts, sweats, hoodies, shorts, etc. in various qualities of fabrics for children, men & ladies. They have been involved in the textiles/garment industry for over 35+ years and have a long list of clients from all over the world including the US, Canada and primarily Europe.

Photo: KIL ensuring health & safety for RMG workers

Ehsan Haq, Director, Knittex Industries Ltd said, KIL has some of the best technology and the best manpower working expertise to seamlessly deliver the world’s best Jersey knitwear. Our manufacturing process has been vertically integrated to facilitate all under-lean (5S) processes involved in garment manufacture under one roof. This enables us to reduce lead times in completing our orders while maintaining our high-quality standards.

“Our factory environment is very good and our absolute first priority. Labor working hours are fixed daily 8 hours. The salary allowance of workers is given within the first 7 days of a month. The company gives staff bonuses based on performance and attendance along with other facilities such as healthcare allowance, food distribution, and more. Having better opportunities than other factories, most of our workers are with us for more than 8 years all the way to 30+ years,” added Mr.Ehsan Haq.

“RMG demands are increasing day by day from customers but prices are still competitive. We need to focus on product diversification and usage of more sustainable fibers“ added Mr.Ehsan

At a Glance:

Company NameKnittex Industries Ltd
BuyersDeutsch Bangla Textile   PWT Brands ( Bison, Lindberg), BAIRD GROUP – BMB (Ben Sherman, Racing Green) Renfold   F. Engel (Deer Hunter, Bertoni), Pionier, TOKMANNI MOUSTACHE 6th Sense Fashion
Knitting Capacity 10,000 Kg/Day fabrics per day.
Dyeing Capacity10,000 Kg/Day fabrics white & color.
Printing Capacity 15,000 pieces/Day.
Washing CapacityCapacity 22,000 – 25,000 pcs/Day
Garments22,000 Pieces/Day Basic Garment. 10,000 Pieces/Day Casual Garment. 6,000 Pieces Loop / brush / Back Jacket / Shirts / Polo / Fashion trends GMT.
CertificationsRSC, Oeko-Tex, BSCI, GOTS,OCS, Sedex
CSR Annual Picnic,Day Care  centre,
Upcoming ProjectFuljhury Spinning Mills

Knittex considers human resources as its most valuable asset and so they constantly nurture and develop the people to perform at their highest potential. The company has become a champion in modern HR practices, social compliance and CSR activities, which is well recognized by its employees, customers and local communities.

In the compliance area, Knittex arranged training programs such as Health, Fire Safety, Security, Labor Law, Buyers’ Code of Conduct, and Skill Development for workers and employees. Knittex is working on many projects for workers’ health. In the ‘Healthy Child Wealthy Bangladesh’ project, Knittex provides free treatment for workers and their children by specialist doctors and a children’s daycare center.

The group is also committed to the general welfare of society, participating in various social activities for the common good of the underprivileged. Through the Nurjahan-Salam Foundation (NSF), the Fuljhury Group aims to create a platform to support the destitute. Moreover, the group is also determined to provide necessary shelter and education to poor and orphan children through Hakro Shishu Niketon while providing free healthcare facilities through the Babar Ullah Fakir Free Clinic and a free kindergarten school (BFKG). Fuljhury takes part in these activities and many more as means of aiding society and upholding its responsibilities as a corporate group.