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The global denim fabric market presents huge opportunities for Bangladesh


denim-fabricLast fiscal year, Bangladesh exported denim goods worth $3 billion. Globally, the denim fabric market has been mainly driven by growing demand for clothing, household items and other fields. With the fashion effect of denim, downstream application industries will need more denim fabrics. So denim fabric has huge market potential for Bangladesh. Denim fabric is used for many purposes such as traditional trousers and shirt making. Denim fabric is used for almost all fashions, both for male and female customers. With the change of fashion worldwide, denim fabrics are used for making jackets as well. Global denim sales are growing by 4.7 per cent. Global denim fabric sales are growing by 3.2 per cent.

Envoy Textiles in Bangladesh produces 4.5 million yards of fabrics a month. Two years ago, it used to produce three million yards and increased output to cope with the demand. Like Envoy Textiles, many other domestic producers have also increased their production capacity. So there are many suppliers in the market and prices are going down. At present, Bangladesh has 30 denim mills with a capacity to produce 150 million yards of fabrics a month.