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Latin America’s textile exports are likely to skyrocket this year


latin-america-textileAs the United States places more orders in the area, Latin America’s textile exports are likely to skyrocket this year. Experts warn that a scarcity of basic materials might jeopardize these advances. According to Raul Garcia, an industry specialist, garment sales might rise 10% this year as US customers continue to engage in close sourcing and seek more competitive locations like Mexico.

According to a Women’s Wear Daily study, robust sales of knitwear, T-shirts, polo shirts, lingerie, underwear, and socks will boost exports, pushing Mexico’s shipments to $7 billion this year. Exports of denim and denim items may also increase, benefiting firms in the La Laguna industrial region, which houses Levi’s and Wrangler facilities, according to Garcia.

The industry, on the other hand, is pushing for additional flexibility in the USCMA agreement’s rules of origin, citing a scarcity of fabric, particularly synthetic yarn and thread, as making it difficult for suppliers to satisfy demands. According to Juan Sánchez, owner of Texsun, Central American exports to the United States might increase by 10%. However, the nation, like Mexico, is experiencing a scarcity of raw materials, which is jeopardizing supplies.