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Laundry 5. Zero, the world’s first eco-efficient plant that guarantees Zero water and Zero pollution


This pioneering system will contribute to Egyptian businesses being able to go from production using 100 litres of water to doing it with zero.

Combining laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, Smart Boxes and the water recycling system H2 Zero; the country’s textile industry will be able to complete the transformation already started to sustainability. For three years the company has had a local team and plans to open Jeanologia Egypt.

pictureJeanologia, world leaders in sustainable and efficient technology development, at Stitch and Tex Expo will strengthen its commitment to the Egyptian textile industry, showing how, through the combination of its technologies, producing in a sustainable way is possible, as well as profitable.

Egypt has an ancient textile industry and is one of the main denim jeans exporter countries in the world. To maintain this strategic position, it must change its production model, leaving behind the transition period and move to the technological and sustainable transformation.

Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia says “we have always been working with sustainability as our driving force. This has allowed us to identify sector needs and develop the necessary technology to change an obsolete production model with an intensive use of manual labour and natural resources, for a model that is completely technological, efficient, ethical and sustainable.

“The company brings its new model of sourcing to the Egyptian textile industry, combining hardware and software made by Jeanologia. By connecting all its technology, it is possible to achieve a production that is 100% ecological without compromising on the authenticity of the product.”

With Jeanologia as an expert technological partner, the industry has all the tools necessary to face the future of jean manufacturing, joining the company’s objective of dehydrating and detoxifying the textile industry.

Today it is possible to go from 100 litres to zero in the finishing of jeans

 Today Egypt is facing a big problem with water scarcity and polluted water in the Nile, making it even more necessary to have a textile production that takes environmental impact into account. Currently in Egypt 100 litres of water is used to produce one pair of jeans, as well as large quantities of toxic products.

Jeanologia has arrived with a complete and integral technological solution where it is possible to go from 100 litres to zero litres. This solution is possible today thanks to 5 technologies: laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, eco-laundries Smart Boxes and the first water recycling system H2 Zero.

During Stitch and Tex Expo the company will exhibit its Laundry 5.Zero, the world’s first eco-efficient plant that guarantees Zero water and Zero pollution. With Laundry 5.Zero the Egyptian textile industry will be able to complete its transformation to sustainability, as well as increasing competitivity and speeding up time-to-market; offering a sustainable, innovative and fashionable product.

For Silla “Laundry 5.Zero is another contribution by the company to the sustainability of the planet”. Water creates life and prosperity and it is essential to take care of it for the country’s development, especially for Egypt where the Nile is its backbone; “that’s why, it demands attention and we work every day to ensure everyone is aware and involved in reducing the water footprint without losing competitivity or renouncing design or quality.”

Jeanologia: more than 15 years in Egypt

The company has been operating in Egypt for 15 years and works with diverse companies in the country such as Velcoty or Lotus. For the past three years there has been a local team and the opening of Jeanologia Egypt is planned for this year in Port Said.

The company currently employs 257 Jeanologist from 27 nationalities and has clients in 5 continents through its 10 subsidiaries.  The export of its machines and services represents 90% of its total billing, reaching 66 countries. The biggest market brands place their trust in Jeanologia, using technology developed by the company.