Caustic recovery plants Unitop Aquacare to exhibit at DTG 2019


Unitop Aquacare Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 certied company and a trusted name in the field of industrial evaporation and drying technologies is participating at DTG 2019 to be held in Dhaka in Hall 2, Stall- 129 at the stall of Pro Trading & Service Ltd. At the exhibition, Unitop will be promoting caustic recovery, which is used, when processing denim or during yarn dyeing mercerization. 


Waste caustic is generated during these processes and has lots of colour and size impurities. Unitop Aquacare has the experience and know-how to make the recovered caustic reusable. The company designs tailor-made solutions to suit individual customer’s need and the local condition like water quality, environmental impacts, space constraints, operational conditions, etc.

Unitop Aquacare offers absolute tailor-made designs which ensure optimum number of effects based on prevalent utility costs and its availability of the area. Hot condensate is flashed in successive effects and the waste flash steam is used to preheat the weak lye resulting in major steam savings.

The company has identified that most textile units face challenges of supplying constant higher pressure steam to any machine; or particularly CRP. Unitop optimised the design to operate its CRP at low pressure. This has resulted in low steam consumption or around 15-20% lesser than its competitors. This has been achieved by flashing steam condensate to generate steam, which is a heat source for preheating the feed.

The systems are incorporated with total one-touch operation involving minimum manual intervention; MIS daily reports in real time or history charts or graphic; plant analysis and troubleshooting module; report alerts on mobile or email, offers remote controlled operations and also has mobile base service app, which helps to generate service calls and thereby bring about a faster solution. The company already has a roster of renowned textile companies from Bangladesh, who have installed these technologies. They include; Mahmud Denim, Hameem Denim, Talha Tex Pro Ltd, Dacca Textiles, NZ Fabrics Limited, Thermax Woven Ltd, Tithi Textiles, etc.

Unitop Aquacare has a professional team of over 40 engineers experienced in commissioning and supporting the clients along with a dedicated engineering team to provide online support to clients for their urgent requirements. Quick delivery and efficient after-sales service, irrespective of location is a hallmark and to meet the same, has imparted technical training to its local representatives/channel partners.

“Traditionally, European CRP’s generate a lot of hot water, which is around 2.5 times the feed capacity, but since now most of the processing machines have in-built heat recovery systems, so consumption of all the hot water may be practically impossible. Customers have been found draining the hot water which eventually spoils the ETP parameter. For such a situation, we offer a CRP with an Adiabatic System, which will not generate excessive hot water,” Mr Sanjay Sawant, GM – Marketing at Unitop Aquacare said.

During the course of the several decades, Unitop Aquacare has made deep inroads into the Indian, European, Chinese, Turkish, Bangladeshi and Indonesian markets. Many customers have replaced their European technologies with Unitop technologies mainly due to low-operation costs, user-friendly technology, reliability of performance and good local after-sales support.