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Lee experiments for Sustainable Denim production


lee-sustainableLee is committed to seek out more sustainable solutions. It’s now exploring sustainable production methods in combination with a range of new technologies and materials, primarily around denim manufacturing.

Indigood Denim is a technique of foam dyeing that does not use water, which has 89% less chemicals which 65% less energy than conventional dyeing. At Lee, Indigood is featured in the Spring Preview ‘ 20 collection on two separate washes on the slim tapered Luke suits the men’s jeans. Back to Nature includes parts designed to be fully biodegradable. They are made using completely compostable linen-cotton yarns, and no rivets, so that when the garment is no longer needed, the buttons can be unscrewed for reuse and the rest only thrown into the compost, where it will biodegrade. Sustainable Selvage is an ongoing collaboration with Italian denim mill Candiani. The result is a series of jeans created using less energy, water and chemicals. Sustainable production and finishing processes include the use of Kitotex dyeing, derived from the food waste industry. Sustainable laundry treatments include lasering that does not use chemicals and E-Flow which uses less chemicals and water. PP spray (used for creating worn effects) has been replaced with an eco-friendly bleaching additive.

Lee monitors the effects of its sustainability efforts on environmental and social issues, as it will help the company set targets over time.