GOLD LEED certified (Fulfill the requirements of Green of LEED Green Building)

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd is one of the leading garments manufacturers in Bangladesh, which was established since the year of 2006 and is located at Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail. The facility has equipped with state-of-art machinery including processes i.e. Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing, Printing, allover Printing, and Garmenting accompanied by a well-tuned development team. Comfit Composite Knit Ltd is a continuous supplier with some retail giants of Europe such as; C&A, H&M, Primark, Engelbert Strauss, Auchan, Kroger, Sport Master, etc. In a nutshell, the facility has produced various types of knit garments that meet international demands.

Comfit Composite knit Ltd is integrating sustainability into its business strategy such as; business without negative impact on the environment, community, or society.

Recently team “Textile Focus” visited Comfit Composite Knit Ltd

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd produces a wide range of T-shirts, Polo shirts, Nightwear, Tank Tops, jackets, Bottom, Kids, Men’s & Girl’s Lingerie (Bottom), etc. Also, has various quality fabrics for children, men & women. They have been involved in the textile industry for more than 20 years.

“Sustainability is a key to our business growth” with this motto; Comfit Composite Knit Ltd is going ahead to achieve its desired target as well as contribute largely to the national GDP. Also, we are dedicated to doing business ethically, and mitigating the social & environmental aspects. Said, Akbor Haider Munna, Vice Chairman- of Youth Group. In this competitive business market, if we want to develop our industry more, we just maintain the Standard Operating procedures in process and resource optimization techniques, added Mr. Akbor Haider Munna.

The Apparel industry in Bangladesh is mainly focused on sustainability. If a company emphasizes on this issue strongly & ethically, will be achieved greater feedback from their business undoubtedly. Said; Engr. Md. Kawsar Ali, Chief Operating Officer- Comfit Composite Knit Ltd. He also added that as we have LEED Gold certified, we just suggest to strictly maintaining the green parameters including saving energy, water, and chemicals.

Comfit Composite Knit Ltd believes that they are socially responsible for the country and for the country’s people. Which aims to contribute towards the development of its workers and serve its customers with utmost satisfaction. In this regard, the company spends more than 2% of its profit on CSR activities. Said, Mohammad Faruque Hossain- General Manager (IR & Compliance), Comfit Composite Knit Ltd.

On top of that, we are following customers’ COC and compliance obligations to settle/ ensure employee rights, hygienic health, safety (fire, electrical, structural, & environmental), and an eco-friendly work environment to all (added Mr. Faruque Hossain- GM, IR & Compliance)

At a glance of Comfit Composite Knit Ltd, (sister concern of Youth Group)

Year of establishment2006
Factory type (Garments/Knitting/Spinning/ Dyeing/ Accessories/ Denim etc.)Knitting, Dyeing, All Over Print, Cutting, Garments Printing, Sewing, Finishing, Packing.
Total Working Space11, 36,021.42 sqft.
Total employee10,356
Annual turn-over123 million
Daily production capacitySewing: 2, 80,000 Pcs (per day), Cutting: 3,20,000 Pcs (per day), Dyeing & Finishing: Dyeing- 44 ton and Finishing- 44 ton (per day), Printing: 2,50000 Pcs (per day), AOP: 8,000 KG (per day), Knitting: 34 Ton (per day)
No. of machines5,685 (in different section)
Compliance status (100%, 75% etc.)100% (We have followed all the standards of Bangladesh Labor Law)
SpecialtiesMaximizing fabric utilization Reduce lead time Increase productivity Change and/or develop product design Easily adapting with the latest machineriesMinimizing production costs and making manufacturing plants more sustainable
ETPBiological ETP and the capacity is 150 cubic meters
CertificationsLEED Gold Certified, WRAP Gold certified, GOTS, OCS, RCS, GRS, OEKO Tex, HIGG Certification (Social & Environmental), Recognition Letter from ACCORD/ RSC etc.
AwardsReceived OHS Award- 2018, and RMG Times award
Products rangeWomen’s – 20%, Men’s – 50%, baby / Juvenile – 30%
Buyer’s nameC&A, H&M, Engelbert Strauss, Sport Master, Primark,  KIK, Auchan, Sanmar Canda
Expansion planYes, facility management has the plan for business growth & expansion. Already, we have newly constructed 07 (seven) storied building onsite (named Eco-Ville Building).

1. Tree Plantation Program:  arrange such kind of program to reduce carbon and to protect the environment from the impact of global warming. 2. Subsidized Sanitary Napkins: provided to woman workers for the purpose of ensuring their hygienic living. 3. Employment for minorities and physically challenged people: To help and protect minorities and physically challenged people they are creating job opportunities with special care. 4. Medical campaign: arranged medical campaign with specialized doctors for the employees and community people where anyone can visit a doctor, and get a diagnosis and medicine for free. 5. Relief:  when a natural disaster or calamity comes, facility management is always there to help with relief to the affected people. 6. Rainwater Harvesting System: the facility has installed this system to collect and/or store water in reservoirs or tanks. The harvesting water facility is only used for washing & gardening purposes. 7. Free Education Support: to ensure workers have better living standards and improve employee key skills. 8. Install the latest machinery which is more likely to create an eco-friendly environment. 9. Cultural Activities: the facility has allocated an un-restricted large playground for all. 10. Community Donation: to develop/ increase community education; the facility donates to Local schools and Mosques regularly (each month). 11. Warm Clothes donation in winter: Workers are able to purchase their daily necessary products at a reasonable price and can save 10% of the expenses of daily consumer products.
Energy Management and renewable energy: Already, the facility has changed all the fluorescent lights replacing with energy-efficient LED tube lights. For the conservation of energy in lighting purposes, facility is using motion sensors where needed. Existing all sewing machines are incorporated with energy-efficient motors. Facility has using hot water recovery system. Facility has installed a condensate recovery system. Facility has installed economizer in their existing boilers. Facility has 268 KW capacity rooftop solar plant. Facility has 05 (five) energy-efficient compressors and another 01 (one) compressor is under installation.
Water Management: Facility has 02 (two) Rain Water Harvesting plants. For reusing the hand-wash water facility has 02 Grey Water Treatment Plants. Facility has installed Push tap instead of Conventional tap to reduce the water.No, the facility is using water-efficient fixtures and fittings in all water uses area. Facility has minimized water consumption in dying process by process optimization. Now, facility is going to install Cold Pad Batch (CPB) dyeing process in their existing dyeing setup. For the recycling of ETP-discharged water, facility has installed a Recycling Plant.
Waste Management: Facility use modern types of machinery to produce steam such as; Jhut Boiler and its capacity is 02 (two) ton per hour. Facility has the 600 Kg per day capacity Incinerator machine for reducing the hazardous waste produced in the factory. Facility has 100 Kg per hour capacity composting machine to produce compost and use it in their gardening.
 Clean Air Management: In the knitting process and/ or Green Project; we have to install an HVAC system to remove the dust and ensure clean air to all.


Facility management has arranged an annual program on the occasion of its establishment where workers and officials get better recognition through various events along with entertainment. If a worker keeps in a calendar year ‘no leave’, he/she is especially rewarded with certificate, crest and honorarium. By seeing this kind of recognition others feel a lot of encouragement and increase the intensity of their works more. Besides, senior officials are also acknowledged by the certificates, crests and valuable gifts that have been working for a long time in the company.

In addition; priorities to employee’s hygienic health, recreation/ sports is the best way. That’s why, facility management arrange and participate in various football tournaments, and has many records to grasp championship trophy in renowned corporate tournaments like; BGMEA CUP, Standard Chartered Trophy, Ascent Cup, and Dhaka Futsal Cup etc. We must confess, the recreation of employees encourage physical fitness and promote self-expression and creativity in their work (believe facility management).