Lenzing Group ranked number one for sustainable sourcing

sustainable-sourcingAccording to the recent report published by the Canadian Environmental Organization Canopy once again the Lenzing Group ranked number one producer of wood-based fibers (among 31 globally) for responsible procurement of wood, the key raw material in cellulose fiber production. Lenzing is a top rated producer of wood-based fibers. Wood is the key raw material in cellulose fiber production.

Lenzing produces high-quality fibers and filaments from wood with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies. These fibers form the basis for a wide range of textile and nonwoven applications and are also used in work and protective wear and in industrial applications. This is the only company in the world which produces significant volumes of all three wood-based cellulose fiber generations.

Responsible sourcing and sustainability are key elements of Lenzing’s corporate strategy. The company gives priority to sustainable wood and pulp sourcing and has practices in place to prevent the use of wood and pulp from ancient and endangered forests.

There is a low risk for buyers using Lenzing fibers. In 2018, Lenzing adopted additional due diligence measures when sourcing from high-risk countries. Lenzing’s innovative TencelLyocell fibers with Refibra technology, in which cotton scraps are partly used as a raw material, take the pressure off the use of wood as a raw material. Refibra technology is the most advanced concept in the wood-based fiber market that incorporates circular economy features on a commercial level. Lenzing has helped advance a conservation legacy in the heart of Canada’s boreal forest.