Lenzing plans to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of product 50% by 2020


lenzing20180509249The company Lenzing plans to reduce CO2 emissions per ton of product by almost 50 percent (scope 1+2 and 3) by 2020. The total CO2 reduction of all the planned initiatives will yield 1.3 Mt. The Lenzing Group will invest €100 million over the coming years to reduce carbon emissions both inside its operational boundaries (scope 1+2) and in its supply chain (scope 3). Due to its ambitious CO2 emission reduction strategy, the Lenzing Group will further contribute towards helping customers to transition their business to a lower CO2 base.

Lenzing will adopt a series of measures in production as well as new innovations and adaptations to new technologies to achieve these ambitious targets. A major contribution will also come from investments in the production of highly eco-responsible products such as Tencel branded lyocell fibres. On top of that, the drastic improvement of energy efficiency and an increase in the share of renewable energy in the energy mix will deliver the targets set.


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