Levi Strauss initiative “Blue Jeans Go Green” program

levi-strauss-initiative-blue-jeans-go-greenNew recycling initiative from Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss has undertaken a new denim recycling initiative with the ‘Blue Jeans Go Green’ program. Any type of denim, including scraps or non-jean items like jackets, is eligible for recycling. Blends are, too—though the fabric does need to contain at least 90 per cent cotton. To date, the Blue Jeans Go Green program has recycled more than 2.5 million pieces of denim, to create almost five million square feet of insulation. The denim insulation developed through the program isn’t for sale, but given to charity partners for use in schools and libraries.

The Blue Jeans Go Green initiative, launched in 2006, lets consumers bring denim clothing—from any brand and in any condition—to dedicated recycling bins at partner retailers. The initiative is a key feature for the strategy Levi’s has to hit its sustainability benchmarks. The company hopes to hit major goals around climate impact, chemical applications, and water use, and alter its sourcing, design and manufacturing processes to plan for future circularity. Levi’s also offers consumers several opportunities to extend the life of their denim, in whatever way they can. The brand refashions archive-quality denim for resale in select stores, and at in-store tailor shops Levi’s professionals can repair used garments that might otherwise be wasted.