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Levi’s aims to hit 70-80% of its pre-COVID level revenue in this quarter


levis-2Levi’s aims to hit 70-80 percent of its pre-COVID level revenue in this quarter. Levi’s reallocated its stock to online partners as fashion retail reopened via the e-commerce platform in May. This allowed inventory to be refreshed and transferred to where the customers were. It helped the company to boost cash flow because e-commerce sells very well and they paid quickly.

The company plans to reduce its shop count by 5 percent from now on but will boost its location, sales density, and store size. It plans to double down on the category of Work from Home. It also plans to raise the proportion of its denim performance to 60 percent.

The brand aims to extend the idea of store-on-wheels from suburban complexes to new customer hotspots such as college festivals and rally activities for bikers and provide customization on site. It will also debut global fashion brands such as Levis-Made in Japan and Made in the USA.