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Levi’s launched a new limited edition range


levisWith Angelo Baque, the Creator, Awake and Former Supreme Manager, Levi’s launched a new limited edition range. The collection of iconic garments, including Levi’s Trucker Style III Trucker jackets and 501 denim, are based on Levi’s Approved Vintage and have upcycled fashion influence.

Baque has produced a collection of patchwork lines, polka points, animal prints and other patterns which add bright colors to the vintage garments. for the collection. The denim is stitched to each piece of shirt cloth with a black thread, creating a “perfectly imperfect” homemade effect, which Levi’s calls “one part of the 1990s, one part of the rebellious contemporary culture of youth.”

The outcome is a special, upcycled Retro Approved Trucker and jeans by Levi mixing ingenuity and sustainable growth. Baque aimed to tell the underrepresented story of Black families during the accompanying advertisement photographed by Quil Lemons. Lemons filmed the campaign and photographed his own family in his home city of Philadelphia.

Levi’s new sentiments in favor of Black and minorities are mirrored in the initiative. In July, Levi was interested in a collection focused on the history of cotton in the U.S. and a legacy associated with the history of slavery with Denim Tears foundress Tremaine Emory.