LifeLabs introduces revolutionary breakthrough in outerwear: World’s Warmest Jacket


megawarm-comparativegraphic-b-w--1Using innovative WarmLife technology, LifeLabs™ invented a jacket that keeps you warmer than anything on the planet, with the least amount of material.

LifeLabs™, is the first textile innovator making meaningful progress in combating the effects of climate change through thermally-efficient textiles. Founded by Dr. Yi Cui, one of the world’s leading energy scientists, and Scott Mellin, a veteran in the apparel industry, the company is dedicated to bringing breakthrough products to market that help humans stay comfortable in a changing world. Today, LifeLabs announces the launch of a breakthrough product: MegaWarm, the world’s warmest jacket.

The MegaWarm jacket is powered by LifeLabs’™ proprietary WarmLife technology, a new textile that reflects 100% of a human’s radiant heat back to their body. Using a nano-layer of aluminum (about one paper clip’s worth), the jacket achieves the highest CLO rating in the world at 9.25. This performance, combined with a minimalist style, helps to create a lighter, more packable, and more sustainable jacket.

With a score of 9.25 CLO, MegaWarm is proven to deliver 38% more warmth than a Canada Goose Snow Mantra (6.70 CLO), 53% more warmth than The North Face’s Summit AMK L6 Parka (6.06 CLO) and 17% more warmth than Arc’teryx Leaf Cold WX Parka SVX (7.91 CLO). MegaWarm also provides the most warmth with less weight (55% lighter than Canada Goose Snow Mantra) and less bulk (38% thinner than Arc’teryx Leaf Cold WX Parka SVX). LifeLabs’ high-performing garments are made with less materials and fewer resources to reduce environmental impact by 25%. The brand’s sustainable manufacturing practices coupled with more efficient heating technology enable consumers to use less energy and therefore significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

“MegaWarm has the highest CLO rating in the world, meaning it delivers more warmth than any other jacket on the planet. Remarkably light for its scale and coverage, the MegaWarm Jacket defies common standards for insulated apparel,” said Dr. Yi Cui, Co-Founder of LifeLabs™. “Our unique WarmLife technology uses less than a paper clip’s worth of aluminum to reflect 100% of your radiant body heat back onto your skin using 30% less material.”

Founded in 2020 by Professor Yi Cui, director of Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy with more than 500 research publications and 50 patent applications, and led by CEO Scott Mellin, who previously drove the development of the revolutionary Futurelight product as the Global General Manager of The North Face’s Mountain Sports division, LifeLabs™ bridges the gap between science and design to unlock a new era of sustainability. The company has developed patented textiles from Stanford’s advanced materials laboratory that maximize comfort and performance, while reducing energy usage on a personal and global level.

“We’re thrilled to introduce MegaWarm: the ultimate LifeLabs innovation from our Fall 2021 Collection, and expression of our mission to reinvent how people think about performance and sustainable clothing,” said Scott Mellin, CEO of LifeLabs™. “MegaWarm is the warmest jacket in existence, with uniquely sustainable technology powering its warmth with less material and a lighter carbon footprint. Our technology has the power to change the way we keep ourselves warm, and we see endless applications for MegaWarm in different climates and technical industries.”