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LMW and Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd., Nepal – The Partnership Continues

Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd. expands spinning capacity with state-of-the-art LMW smart series preparatory machines for Airjet Spinning project …

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Mr. Akshay Golyan, Managing Director

In the global economy, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful partnerships gives companies a significant competitive leg up. Being a good partner has become a key corporate asset and the partnership between Reliance Spinning Mills Limited, Nepal and LMW for nearly 30 long years is just an affirmative example, which has led to the success and continual expansion of RSML.

Established in the year 1994, RSML is the largest spinning mill in Nepal and is engaged in manufacturing of Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Blended, Polyester Textured and Special fibre yarns from its two manufacturing units located at Khanar, Sunsari and Duhabi, Sunsari, Nepal.

Nearing three decades of producing high quality yarn, today, RSML’s total installed capacity is at 79,824 spindles in 6 nos. Ring spinning units (100% A – Z, LMW Project) and 25 nos. Airjet Spinning machines in 2 nos. Airjet Spinning Unit (100% preparatory machines from LMW), producing nearly 3300+ tons of yarn every month.

RSML & LMW – A continuing association with the Technology leader … 

The first unit started in 1994, was established with all LMW machinery. The deliverables offered by the machinery in terms of productivity, quality, user friendliness & easy maintenance, led to lower cost of production and quicker ROI. RSML over the years further expanded with a total of 6 nos. Ring spinning units with 100% LMW machinery totalling 79,824 spindles.

RSML expansion into Airjet segment

After establishing 6 units of Ring spinning plant, RSML planned to expand into the Airjet yarn segment in the year 2021 and have commissioned Unit no.7, with 10 nos. Airjet spinning machines with 100% LMW preparatory machines.

The expansion journey continues … Establishment of Unit 8

As a part of their continual expansion plan, mills planned to increase their Airjet spinning capacity.

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RSML – Unit 8 Inauguration

Mr. Akshay Golyan, “Our association and experience with LMW and its machinery has been excellent. The 7th Unit for Airjet was established with 100% LMW preparatory machines and when we planned to expand with 8th Unit with Airjet for processing P/C (Polyester / Cotton 48/52), our obvious choice of preparatory machines was only LMW. The performance of LMW preparatory machines have made us not to think beyond LMW”.

LMW Smart Series machines for Airjet preparatory,

The unit number 8, commissioned recently with 15 nos. Airjet Spinning machines is with LMW smart series machines for preparatory. This state-of-the-art unit was planned to run Polyester / Cotton blend and 100% polyester yarn.

image 423 18
Bale plucker LA23/S
image 424
Auto blend LA10
image 425
Card LC361

The Gentle Blowroom Line for Cotton is with Automated Bale plucker LA23/S, Varioclean LB9/2, Unimix LB7/4 and Supremoclean LB10/2.

The Gentle Blowroom Line for Polyester is with Automated Bale plucker LA23/S, Unimix LB7/4 and Supremoclean LB10/2.

The Gentle Blowroom Line for Polyester / Cotton Blend is with Mixing Bale Opener (MBO) LB3/6R, Auto blend LA10 (2 chambers) and Unimix LB7/4.

Other machines include Card LC361 – 27 nos., Non-Auto leveller Draw frame LDB3 – 7 nos. Twin Delivery and 4 nos. Single Delivery, Lap former LH 20S – 1 no., Comber LK69 – 4 nos. and Auto leveller Draw frame LDF3 – 10 nos.   

LMW Nepal 1 copy

Mr. Ashwani Mittal, CEO, “The latest LMW machines are technically advanced and deliver consistent quality at high production rate. Their automated blending solution Auto blend LA10 is a technological innovation that helps in accurately blending different materials. Our association with LMW has helped us in our continual expansion due to the state-of-the-art machinery that delivers quicker ROI”.

The material processed is Polyester / Cotton (P/C – 48 / 52) for producing 30s & 40s Ne and 100% Polyester (15s Ne to 30s Ne). The unit produces 19 Tonne/day of quality yarn. The machines are so versatile, that they are capable of handling any material with ease at higher productivity and ensuring consistent quality.

LMW Gentle Blowroom is so versatile to process various materials and with the state-of-the-art Auto blend LA10 machinery, different materials can be blended up to a ratio of 99:1 at a blending accuracy level of +/- 1%.

Auto blend LA10 is with a maximum of 4 feeders @ 500 kg/hr per feeder and Two-line output is possible with two different blends %. Load cells are used for direct measurement of Min. 100 gms to Max. 3000 gms per drop. An online weight variation monitor is provided which monitors weight & stops the machine if there is a weight variation. This automation solution helps in accurate blending of material and helps in manpower reduction.

image 423 16

The Blowroom Line is designed with the flexibility to process different materials. The machine comes with different options of opening elements which are required to ensure effective handling of fibres. The material is fed to card with continuous feeding system to maintain constant feeding.

Card LC 361/363 with the highest active carding area with 36 working flats ensures effective fibre individualisation. The card has a pressure-regulated chute for uniform feed to card. The licker-in zone has a pair of arcual combing segments which helps in better opening and removal of fused fibres in licker-in zone. Linear can changer gives increased machine efficiency.

image 423 17

The breaker Draw frame LDB 3 with single and twin delivery (independent drive arrangement) enables the machine to perform at highest efficiency. The machine has lifetime lubricated top roller end bush which reduces machine downtime. The programmable oscillating TR strip coupled with inverter-controlled fan motor ensures a clean working environment. The higher delivery speed is achieved with a unique drafting system with shorter travelling length of sliver to coiler.

The finisher Draw frame LDF3 S with precise servo-driven operation and mechanically synchronized drive system enables impressive speeds of up to 1100 m/min. The Duo Digital Levelling Principle sets new standards for sliver quality. The pneumatically aided SP – Smart Auto Piecing System eliminates manual piecing. The centralized roller setting arrangement with a single tool ensures enhanced user-friendliness and maintenance convenience. The Lap former LH20 S and Comber LK69 are a perfect combination for unmatched production and quality of combed sliver

image 423 15
The winning team at M/s. RSML

“The LMW Smart Series machines provide the most suitable solutions for Airjet Preparatory process, for classical as well as the blended process “.

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