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Logic ERP signing ceremony with Surma Garments Ltd.



Platform ERP has all those controlling points, I was looking for and so I had and will remain the faith on Platform ERP by Logic Software Limited and the Team. – Mr. Faisal Samad, Managing Director, Savar Textiles – Supasox & Surma Garments
By realizing the fundamental requirements to meet Industry 4.0, many industries among the textile and RMG sector of Bangladesh have approached their business automation and decided to implement ERP. Not only for industrial automation but also for increasing production efficiency, proper utilization of human resources, and maximize profit by reducing wastage of materials by proper monitoring and meet the scheduled shipments, and get notified about all the activities to do, industries are chronologically stepped to using efficient software which will provide the business intelligence and assist more growth by the proper blending of artificial intelligence, algorithms and human resource.
On 3rd October 2021, Mr. Faisal Samad- Managing Director, Surma Garments Ltd., and one of the Directors, BGMEA and Mr. K.b. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited signed the agreement of Platform ERP to be implemented for the business automation of Surma Garments Ltd..
Mr. Faisal Samad expecting an impressive journey with Logic Software Limited while this company gained the experience of an era to handle such a complex process successfully and the root from the same industry.
Mr. K.B. Mamoor ensured the best support during implementation to automate their industries within a reasonable time and post-implementation service for the smooth operation in future tenure.