MagnaColours® encourage screen printers to ‘Make the Switch’

megnaLeading manufacturers of water-based screen-printing inks, MagnaColours® have launched a new initiative, designed to help screen-printers to eliminate harmful, plastisol inks, and make the switch to using environmentally sensitive water-based products.

For 40 years, Magna have been at the forefront of innovation, and in this time, the capabilities and performance of water-based inks have progressed considerably, leading more screen-printers to realise the benefits. However, misconceptions about quality of finish and complexity are still a barrier to some printers.

The ‘Make the Switch’ programme sets out a 10-step process, which includes an equipment audit, an invitation to the Magna HQ and product samples and testing. As well as this, participants will benefit from ongoing hands-on, expert help and guidance from Magna.

Helen Parry, Managing Director of MagnaColours® said: “Although more and more screen-printers are beginning to use water-based inks, some are still reluctant to make the switch. We’ve been leading innovation in water-based inks for decades, and our product range is testament to how far water-based alternatives have come, and what they’re capable of.”

“We wanted to use our expertise to guide printers through the switching process, and show them that by taking our 10 manageable steps, they can become more environmentally sustainable. In using the Magna range, printers can also benefit from expert support, reduced energy costs, increased efficiency and a superior finish, so there’s no reason not to make the switch.”

Make the Switch aims to remove the perceived complexity of transitioning from PVC-based inks to more environmentally friendly water-based alternatives. Magna will help ensure that printers have the suitable equipment and facilities, provide them with samples of Magna’s product range and the knowhow on getting the very best results. After the 10-step process is complete, Magna will also provide ongoing support.

Last year, Magna launched their own educational tool, MagnaAcademy, in order to help screen-printers to develop their skills and learn how to get the best results from the Magna product range. As part of the Make the Switch programme, printers can benefit from MagnaAcademy resources. In 2017, Magna also unveiled their own stringent compliance standard, GNA®, promoting the use of environmentally friendly inks within the industry.