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Maksons Spinning Mills holds its 17th AGM


Desk Report: The 17th Annual General Meeting of Maksons Spinning Mills Limited (MSML) was held on recently  in the city through virtually. Managing Director of Maksons Group  and  all the Members of the Board of Directors and respective Shareholders were present at the meeting.


Mohammad Ali Khokon, Chairman, MSML and President, BTMA  replied to all the quarries made by the Shareholders.
During the meeting, shareholders gave valuable suggestions for well being of the company. The Chairman (current charge), along with the other Directors showed gratitude to the Shareholders for their kind support and suggestions and expressed their future expectations from them for the Company to expand and flourish. Mohd. Showkot Ali Managing Director; Mrs. Laila Ali, Director; Sanjid Hasan Amit Director; Mohd. Amzad Ali Badal, Director of Maksons Group were present at the annual general meeting. Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd. A sister concern of Maksons Group, Manufactures yarn for the knit & woven industry.