Market for sports apparel is expected to grow

sports-wear-marketThe classification of sports apparel includes shirts, coats, pants, skirts and others. The worldwide market for sports apparel is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8 per cent over the next five years. North America has the largest consumption share of nearly 30 per cent. Europe is the second largest, with a consumption share of 26 per cent. Growth is driven by a growing portion of the population living healthier life styles and stronger participation in sports and fitness activities.

Sports apparel are in amateur sport and professional athletics. The share of sports apparel in amateur sport is about 85 per cent. Technological developments designed to improve comfort and performance has also led to growth in sales of sports apparel. As a result sportswear is turning into a highly popular style statement and fashion trend.

Sportswear includes items such as yoga pants and active wear. Although performance sportswear takes the lead in terms of market size, sports-inspired is the category driving growth. Both sports-inspired footwear and apparel are growing at a rapid pace, registering ten per cent and six per cent growth. Besides emerging markets such as India and Thailand, core markets such as the United States are also producing significant sports-inspired growth, despite its reputation as a performance-oriented market.