MEDUSA seminar on “Eco Friendly Sustainable Dyeing Solutions”

MEDUSA Introduces Eco Friendly Sustainable New Dyeing that’s saves 40%

Staff Correspondent: Prime Automations Ltd and MEDUSA jointly organized a seminar on ““Eco Friendly Sustainable Dyeing Solutions” which was held on 20 August at Uttara Club in the capital. Around 100 Industry experts from different textile factories were present at the seminar.

Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President, ITET and Managing Director, HAMS Group were present as a Chief Guest. “After COVID-19 pandemic, Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry surprisingly has performed well. In the last FY22 Bangladesh RMG exported around 42.61 billion and overall exports cross 50 billion. Bangladesh is now the flagship of Bangladesh, said Engr Shafiqur Rahman in his speech.

PAL is working for the industry development and support to the garments export through their technology. After the pandemic many factories expand their dyeing units and takes automation technology, added Mr. Shafiqur Rahman.

Last year,Türkiye imports around $150 million of RMG products from Bangladesh, added Mr. Shafiqur Rahman said, Turkey mainly exports cotton, machineries and chemicals for the garments industries in Bangladesh.

Engr. Shafiqur Rahman also said, as a manufacturer, we are always focusing on sustainable technology which will reduce water, energy and chemical and I hope that Turkish company MEDUSA new dyeing solutions will help to reduce production cost and saving resources. He also urges the government to provide uninterrupted energy supply for driving the machine. 

Asib Reza, Managing Director, Prime Automations Ltd said in his welcome speech, we worked with the industry for 20 years, and decided to enter the arena as a business enterprise offering the best of the solutions to the industry. “I approached the market realistically offering profitable automation solutions to the owners. We are mainly focusing on the RMG sector, but now we are entering textiles as well,”I hope that MEDUSA’s new dyeing machine will help with water, energy and chemical saving .Besides, MEDUSA is already in the BD market with their FDS and PDR solutions for the Textile industry, added Mr. Asid Reza.

Savas Aylan, Business Development and Sales Director, MEDUSA was the key presenter of that seminar- heading Eco Friendly Sustainable New Dyeing that saves 40%.

This is the State-of-the-Art Dyeing: Sustainability meets Efficiency.” Savas Aylan made a wonderful presentation that was: Technique-Technology-Efficiency & The latest Model of Machine.

HT Jumbo Dyeing Machine equipped with high technology, serves to sec- tor economical and highly productive machines in processing both knitted and woven (open width and tubular) which are produced from natural or synthetic fiber and its compounds in bleaching, dyeing and washing.

The parts of the machine in contact with the liquor process are manufactured from acid-resistant AISl 316L stainless steel and main body pressure system, pneumatic on/off high pressure release valve.

After the presentation session he faced lots of technical questions from the audience. Mr. Suleyman Caglar Adali,Co-founder, BosPros answer the all-technical question from the audience.

The program was followed by a Raffle Draw and dinner where representatives from Kushiara Composite Knit Industries Limited, Epyllion Group, GMS Knit composite won a trip for the MEDUSA project in Turkey.