Men’s essential wardrobe that one should own

cover-photosBuilding a wardrobe foundation is a step that most guys skip, but it’s essential to building a solid wardrobe. It makes everything else a lot easier. A good wardrobe foundation consists of understated, timeless wardrobe staples— clothes that serves as the supporting pieces to trendier, more eye-catching clothes.

When most men want to start dressing better, they think they need all their clothes to stand out. They look up all the latest trends or they start wearing all kinds of crazy colors. And nothing is inherently wrong with that. It needs supporting pieces to keep these eye-catching clothes anchored. Here is mentioned 10 basic men’s wardrobe essential that one should own.

Solid White T-Shirt1-solid-white-t-shirtThe solid white tee is one of the most versatile pieces. You can wear it with anything. It’s like having a blank canvas to do with what you want. You can wear it on its own during summer, or layer it during fall and winter. It’s super-simple and look much sharper than a graphic tee.

Solid White Shirt2-solid-white-shirtThe solid white shirt is the ultimate menswear staple. No list of wardrobe essentials for men would be complete without it. Like the previous item, you can wear it with anything, but you can also create new looks by playing around with the buttons and sleeves. Wear it buttoned up with a tie and blazer for a dressy look, or wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and look super-casual.

Dark Blue Jeans3-dark-blue_2Dark blue jeans is the universal selection for men. It’s the only pair of jeans you will ever need. It is comfortable in all season and adjustable with any clothing and shoes. That’s why dark blue jeans is included in everyman’s wardrobe list.

Camel Chions4-camel-chinosWith only 1 pair of jeans in your closet, you’ll need some alternative legwear. That’s where chinos come in. See, chinos give you a lot more variety than having a couple of jeans in different shades and washes. They create a much more different look.

Grey V-Neck Sweater05-gray-v-neck-sweaterA grey V-neck sweater is an excellent layering piece. Wear it over your shirts and T-shirt to stay warm during the winter months. You can also wear a blazer over it when it gets especially cold. The grey sweater is very easy to pull off, as it’s hard to find anything that clashes with it.

Navy Blazer6-navy-blazerThe easiest way to smarten up any outfit is to add a blazer. It just makes everything look better. A navy blazer is a classic choice that will never let you down. It will match especially well with the camel chinos mentioned above, and will also look great with your dark blue jeans.

Brown Leather Loafers07-brown-leather-loafersBrown leather loafers are a great choice of footwear. They’re a lot dressier than sneakers, but not dressy enough that you can’t wear them with your casual wear. They actually look amazing under jeans.

Brown Leather Belt08-brown-leather-beltBrown leather shoes need a brown leather belt to compliment them. Although, they don’t have to be a complete match shade-wise. It’s okay if there’s a bit of difference.

Grown-up Coat09-up-coatNow that you’re improving your style, you will need a grown-up coat to top the look off, as it’s often the first thing people see you in during colder times.

Wear a watch10-watchA watch is the only accessory that a man can truly wear everyday.  You can build a collection, swap them out for different outfits, change straps to suit the occasion, and find one that’s perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.


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