Merchant Bay Army ready to take over the fashion sourcing space in 2023

Merchant Bay a sourcing and order management platform recently organized a Quarterly town hall meeting at Base Camp in Gazipur. More than hundreds of managers, sales & service supervisors, the back office team, and senior management of Merchant Bay joined the program.

Abrar Hossain Sayem and Sakib Ahmed Co-Founders of Merchant Bay; Radh Ahmed, Co-Founder & COO, of Merchant Bay were present at the town hall meeting.

In this event, Abrar Hossain Sayem shared the mission and vision of MB and shared the sales growth of Merchant Bay
Merchant Bay is an e-supply chain platform, that connects global fashion manufacturing demand with production. Along with the multisided platform, MB empowers manufacturers to scale with technology. The integrated platform allows buyers to post their order requirements on the managed marketplace while manufacturers who fulfill the requirements can bid to win the contract.

Fashion sourcing for buyers is further simplified through the platform’s order management tools and dashboard utilized by the manufacturers to process the orders. For fashion buyers, the platform increases reliability, and traceability while reducing lead times. For manufacturers, the platform allows data-driven decision-making, better internal monitoring and higher efficiency through scaling. MB factory and sourcing app makes managing an order very easy and brings all stakeholders into one screen to stay on the same page and have transparent business operations.