Merchant Mastery-2021by Purbani Group

Desk Report: PURBANI is one of the largest & oldest established 100% export oriented Textile conglomerates in Bangladesh since 1973 and doing business for more than 4 decades with eminence. PURBANI, they strive towards becoming a good corporate citizen and a significant contributor to the national economy by playing a major role in creating employment and poverty alleviation.


Their vision for PURBANI is to build a prominent global and local presence, based on improved integration to achieve better synergy and a devoted focus on building and maintaining relationships with its customers, suppliers, principal and employees. Recently Purbani group arranged 2 day long Training on “Merchant Mastery – 2021” in BCDM Savar .

Additionally this learning session will help us to build rapport in between our internal and external customers. We extend our sincere gratitude to our Management for their constant support in arranging such learning events, said, Hasan Rahman, Head of HR, Purbani Group

Shafiqul Islam Sarkar, Managing Director of Purbani Group were attend thorough virtually ; Directors of Purbani group, Zakaria H. Sarker; Sharmin H Sarkar;Mr. Shahriar I Halim ,Executive Director, Purbani Group were present. The training session conducted by Ranjan De Silva, CEO Coach, Sensei International.