The Method of Textile Education, Modernizing the Way, Creating hope for the Industry Leading!!


Md Sala Uddin,Son of Mr Reazuddin,Chairman ASK Apparel & Textile Sourcing & Director Reaz Garments Ltd,Head of Operation,Bunon – a knowledge sharing platform

There is no doubt that the future of modern textiles in Bangladesh will be driven by the assets we are creating from our textile institutes. But for that we must bring required modifications in the process of educational method to compete with the world standard near future.

Standing at the fourth industrial revolution, our workplace is facing the wave of recent challenges where human involvements are replaced by the robotics work, artificial intelligence, automation of the process and making the competition tough to survive. We must be equipped the changed strategies, up to date techniques. It is the high time to realize how much we are ready to face the global job market.


In this 21st Century, it not at all acceptable to be focused on a specific job while making self-ready. You must ready yourself in versatile way to be self-sufficient. You must learn by taking the digitally open information from worldwide. In my last 2 years while coming close to the weaving and textiles engineers I saw students are directly blaming the institute which is not the right approach. May be institutions have some narrowness is structure but at the end of the day its only you who must act positively to the changing world.

We have an open world in our hand. Besides institutional study, we have to be focused on learning technology, required languages for business, communication skills, negotiation, professionalism etc. We just can rely on the institutional studies to compete with the world. Modern technologies are taking places everywhere and we must cope with the changes accordingly. Remember, no one will come to teach you, it’s only you who must prepare yourself for the global competitive battle.

According to me, we cannot survive by making the first generations textiles anymore. We must be proactive on implementing modern infrastructure in the industry to sustain.

The good news is Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA) is going to open a Centre for Innovation, Efficiency and OSH (CIEOSH).

The objective of establishing the first of its kind innovation center in Bangladesh is to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry connecting stakeholders as critical partners of the knowledge hub and driving innovation in product and process of Bangladesh apparel industry.


We hope that by shifting our product basket from basics to high-end, the center will be able to significantly assist Bangladesh’s apparel industry in moving to the next level. The innovation center is expected to be launched at the newly built BGMEA building at Uttara in December this year.

In maximum case Neither do we have an international level design house nor do we concentrate on research and development. Rather we depend on the buyer placements. We don’t have capabilities to offer solutions to buyers and as a matter of fact, we don’t have strong negotiating capacity over our buyers. We must remember that in the coming years customers will move towards a one-stop solution. They will likely move where the industry enjoys the full length of value addition in backward and forward linkage.

So, there is nothing to worry about. just You must have time to learn and have the courage to move forward. My last words in my very little knowledge, it’s easier for Textile Engr just need to be brave they have enough capabilities then others to move forward Textile and Garments in next level.

Besides all textile university and institutes principal contribute had a very important role with collaborating BGMEA for reducing gap university and industry .Need to more practical oriented education system.