Monfort Qualitex 800 control system to cut processing time

qualitex-800-control-systemOne of the leading brands of textile finishing and technical application Monforts is advancing in the field of Industry 4.0 and automation, with its latest Qualitex 800 control system and the Web-UI app for remote visualization of Monforts technologies via smart phones and tablet devices. The new Monforts Thermex Econtrol continuous dyeing line considerably shortens processing times for heavier fabrics. It’s an extremely versatile range and allows easy movement between reactive and disperse dyeing, for example.It provides real-time information on all machine parameters and operator activity.

The Thermex Econtrol range has a working width of 1.8 meters and allows the single-bath continuous dyeing of cotton and polyester fabrics with selected reactive and dispersion dyestuffs as well as cotton-polyester blends to be processed without reductive intermediate cleaning, eliminating the need for a steamer.

Turkish dyehouse Istanbul Boyahanesi has invested in new Monforts technology. The company is the only dyehouse in Turkey with its own proprietary software for virtual control of all operations via smartphone or TV from the boardroom