More tax exemption, especially for the MSMEs would have helped the young entrepreneurs


Budget 2022-23

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has unveiled a Tk678,000 crore national budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Young generation factory owners shared their opinion on proposed budget

Tahsin Azim Shezan, Director, Classic Group

Photo: Tahsin Azim Shezan

This year’s budget has some positive proposition in it which will undoubtedly help the overall economy to boom in this post-covid context. Extended allocation in the mega projects will help the young generation to reap the benefit with hassle free commute and boosted economy, once the projects are completed. Increased tax on tobacco products will also help us to build a healthy younger generation.

However, more tax exemption, especially for the MSMEs would have helped the young entrepreneurs, who often struggle with limited capital.  Extending duty on tech products import is not beneficiary for anyone, especially for the students while we are pursuing the dream of “Digital Bangladesh”. Even though allocation for education and health has been increased a bit, it should be significantly higher as these two are the building block of future generations. A more integrated educational policy aligned with industry needs is also necessary and should have been proposed in the budget.