Morrison announces the first installation of its revolutionary new Flex-Immerse System (FIS)


morrison-logoMorrison Textile Machinery the leader in Indigo Rope Dyeing and Denim Finishing announces the first installation of its revolutionary new Flex-Immerse System (FIS). This patent pending design was overwhelmingly received at ITMA 2019 and generated a large quote backlog for retrofit projects. It offers a complete mechanical package along with an automated software control system designed to minimize set change time, run short sets more efficiently and reduce chemical usage to maximize production and profitability. The system is retrofittable to all Morrison dye boxes.

The Flex-Immerse assembly permits downward movement of the top two diversion rolls in the dye boxes to reduce the dwell time up to 50%. The roll movement is fully automated, motorized and infinitely variable. A fully coordinated FIT (Flex-Immerse Transition) sequence is engaged while rope leader is threaded, ensuring that all box dancers stay within limits and no range rolls are over-tensioned or damaged during movement. FIT makes this transition simultaneously (not sequentially per box), to use minimal leader and time.

Every Indigo Rope Dye range currently in production has three ways to change shade: changing the range speed, changing the number of dye boxes running or change the dye concentration. The FIS offers a fourth method which allows shade change by adjusting the immersion dwell time.

Morrison Textile Machinery Co. USA is exclusively represented by Mr. Mazharul Ahmed Rumon, NAZ Corporation,


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