Morrison increases its dominance in Denim business during 2017!

morrison-logoDriven by fashion denim trends and an overall demand increase, denim producers around the world added new capacity from Morrison during 2017 and through the present. Morrison Denim Systems was formed to provide the denim industry an integrated, single source solution for indigo rope dyeing, denim preparation and finishing equipment. Five greenfield factories bought into this principle along with three existing factories expanding capacity and capability with MDS over the last year.

Turkey and Bangladesh have each selected Morrison for three projects. An export-oriented new Indian company is having their factory startup concluded. Morrison is encouraged that a new market in Uzbekistan has opened with Morrison technology: a denim mill is set to install Morrison machines in 3rd quarter, and there are strong indications this country is setting up to become a major player in the industry.

Fashion denim is driving producers to enjoy the efficiency and quality of rope indigo dyeing from MDS. Innovations in fine yarn handling have moved rope dyeing into the area once thought to be only capable on sheet dye ranges. From fine-yarn tuned ball warping and long chain beaming systems to automated, intricate multi-dye mix, feed and dye recirculation systems, Morrison has moved nimbly to supply market requirements. Morrison patented Peak Washer systems within indigo dye ranges have been widely adopted, resulting in 50% wash water consumption reductions as well as re-beaming improvements.

Another producer trend we are experiencing is the retro-fitting and modernization of existing rope dye ranges. Due to the superior durability of our ranges, many have out-lived the drive and automation systems. Many are approaching Morrison to make range reconfigurations, such as steamer additions, and provide modern touch screen drive and automation for new requirements at a lower cost and shorter leadtime than would result from all-new purchases.

According to David Emrey, Vice President (Sales), Morrison Textile Machinery Co., “Our commitment to build heavy duty equipment with only the best technology and materials have proven to be worth the investment. Many of our customers with older machines have been upgrading them with our new drive/controls conversions because the machines mechanically are in fine shape but the drives and controls have become obsolete.” He also added, “We have proven these upgrades will make the machines perform better than they ever had and close to the performance of new equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire machine.” Morrison Textile Machinery Co. USA is exclusively represented by Mr. Mazharul Ahmed Rumon, NAZ Corporation,