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“Mover” named as 100% Plastic Free Sportswear company


mooverWith its new collection “100% Plastic Free”, the textiles company Mover is presenting a range of sports  apparel that contains zero use of plastics. These innovative textiles also forego the use of plastic in zips, accessories and threads.

Mover, a sports apparel company based in Lausanne, has launched a new collection that is 100% free of plastics. Even the zips, accessories, and threads in its new outdoor collection “100% Plastic Free,” according to a press release and description on the textiles marketing firm’s website, include no plastic. Mover is committed to the production of plastic-free clothing. According to the company, it has invested in three years of research and development and now guarantees that all parts of its new collection are 100 percent plastic-free. The company also claims that 79 percent of the plastic used worldwide ends up in the oceans. Only synthetic fibers and nylon hues were employed in the first collections. Mover collaborated with Baur Vliesstoffe, a German fleece company, to develop swisswool in 2010. Mover explains that this is an all-wool insulation material that was designed to replace all polyester and down waddings. Following that, in 2017, Mover made the significant decision to abandon its Gore-Tex license in favor of waterproof Ventile materials derived from high-density woven cotton. The goal was to provide thermal regulation and protective sports gear without the use of plastic.