M&S considers Bangladesh as a sourcing country for High Ends Diversified Products

msM&S intends to buy more high-end clothing from Bangladesh. M&S now buys over £1 billion worth of clothes from Bangladesh each year, making it the retailer’s top sourcing location for apparel products. Because of supplier obligations and product diversification, the firm wishes to acquire additional garments from Bangladesh. M&S has lost interest in basic clothing.

In the last three years, M&S has increased its sourcing from Bangladesh by 30% year on year. It has been importing a variety of garments from Bangladesh. It provides factory owners with technology, experience, contemporary design, and financing products to help them stay in business. It also aids the productivity of its model factories. In Bangladesh, M&S collaborates with 12 green factories. Bangladesh is no longer merely a supplier of basic clothing. It is also a key supplier of high-end items such as formal gowns, men’s suits, and formal blazers.

Bangladesh’s clothing industry has undergone significant transformation. Owners are now more aggressive in protecting the production environment than they were previously. Owners of Bangladeshi garment factories have begun repairing structural issues with the support of Accord, Alliance, and the government, and the factories are now shining examples of factory safety.