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MS LaRio Printing Technology: The New Era of Digital Textile Printing



Digital printing technology was first patented in 1968 and gained popularity in 1990. In 2015, for the first time in Bangladesh, Beximco Group used digital textile printing machine. At present, there are almost 25 factories in Bangladesh that have digital textile printing machine. Multi-pass digital printing machines of various brand like Durst Alpha (Italy), Zimmer (Germany), MS (Italy), Mimaki (Japan) etc. are used in these industries. However, these had lower production speeds for the to-and-fro movement of the print head and produce low quality print with lower sharpness. So, to overcome these limitations of multi-pass printing technology, Luigi Milini, the founder of ‘MS Printing Solutions’(ITALY), introduced the world to a new technology. In 2010, the world’s first single pass digital printing machine, MS LARIO, changed the face of digital textile printing. At ITMA 2019 (held in Barcelona), for the first time from Bangladesh, Robintex Group purchased MS LaRio machine with 3.2 million Euros. As a result, a new era of digital textile printing has started in Bangladesh for this huge investment and great initiative.

What is MS LaRio?

123In 2010, MS LaRio became the world’s first and fastest single-pass digital printing machine to change the face of digital textile printing and to rule the field of All Over Printing. MS LaRio is unique among other digital printing machines, where the speed rotary printing machines is maximum of 30-60 m/min, while LaRio challenges any previous technology including rotary screen-printing technology by reaching production speed of 75 m/min. This technology is generally applicable to large volume process, higher speed and high-quality print. The price of MS LaRio depends on machine configuration & specifications, price may start from € 1.8 million to € 7.0 million. The speed of the machine, number of print-heads, no of colors used and print quality may vary with price range. MS LaRio can be an excellent option for those, who producing for the fashion system (slow or fast), which requires short load production times.

Energy/Environmental Performances

Compared to the conventional rotary screen-printing technology,

  • Water consumption can be reduced by 70%
  • Electricity consumption can be reduced by 30%
  • Carbon footprint: 16.45 kg of CO2 eq/kg processed material.

Why Choosing MS LaRio Technology?


Figure 1: Digital Printing with MS Lario

Analysis of the technical specifications of the machine shows that, it can be an alternative to rotary printing for three main reasons. The three reasons are 1) Very fast production speed, 2) Higher quality and accuracy and 3) Impact on environmental sustainability. These issues are discussed broadly below-

Higher Speed

LaRio achieves maximum efficiency in all configurations and meets fashion time-to-market requests. This technology can give better results than all the digital printing machines in the market. It is capable of printing fabric with 75 m/min.


The accuracy and reliability of MS LaRio is proven by 30 machines installed worldwide. LaRio is the most recognized and trusted single-pass technology on the market. And gives the gift of perfect and quality work compared to other machines.


With the help of MS LaRio, the change of drawing or colorway can be done easily and quickly, waste of cloth and ink can be avoided and the production process can be done faster. Machine components ensure high production capacity and Return on Investment (ROI).

Non-stop Winder

The non-stop jumbo roll winder collects fold fabric to reduce/avoid the machine downtime, which is responsible for increasing roll changing time and cost. As a result, the machine efficiency increases automatically.

Why Single-pass Technology is Special?

The MS LaRio single-pass digital textile printing machine has a large number of print-heads instead of to-and-fro motion and is capable of high-quality fast printing. In LaRio, there are 6 bars available, each bar having 34 robust Kyocera print-heads, resulting in an array of 204 heads work at a time according to the printing design. So naturally, it’s production capacity goes up fast. Where a multi-pass printer can print about 6-7 meter per minute, huge printer (MS LaRio) is capable of printing up to 75 meters of fabric per minute. It is because of this feature that single-pass technology has gained popularity.

MS Mini Lario

screenshot-50Mini Lario is another innovative technologies developed by MS Printing Solutions, the world’s fastest scanner type printer equipped with 64 printheads and 8 colors available, capable of tackling new challenges in the textile industry. MS Mini Lario printer can be the best option for those, who searching for flexibility, quality, speed, energy efficiency and sustainability. Mini Lario provides fast and reliable features, innovative technical features like printing carriage, inlet fabric system and dryer with 21 inches touch screen control system.

Technical Specifications


Segments and Applications


Challenge for the World of Rotary Screen Printing

Rotary screen printing machines were the fastest printing technology until the LARIO came on the market. But now LARIO challenges the world of Rotary Printing machines with its super speed and print quality. Although the investment cost of MS Lario is high (at least 5 times higher than rotary screen-printing machines), but it has some advantages. For example, Lario machines do not require any screen for printing and can produce unlimited colors. Where, a maximum of 12-16 colors can be made in Rotary and screen is used, as a result, engraving department is required for development of design. Where, engraving cost & extra manpower is required and extra time wasted.

MS Lario Ensure the Environmental Sustainability

3When we comparing the previous printing technologies with LARIO’s stand on Environmental Sustainability, we got many examples, such as, for rotary screen printing, after the use of screen, we have to wash it with clean water, and also stripping is done to reuse, so lot of waste water is produced. But for LARIO, no need of screen and no need of washing, so no waste water is produced here. According to MS Printing Solutions, using LARIO, water consumption can be reduced by up to 70% and electricity can be reduced by up to 30%, if compared to the conventional rotary screen-printing technology. Nickel found in a rotary printed fabric is very common but, in LARIO, there is no nickel issue. Moreover, there is no pollution in LARIO printing factory. So, MS Lario ensuring the environmental sustainability.

The Level of Environmental Friendliness

For inks (used in printing), MS Printing Solutions complies with OEKOTEX STD, GOTS, OEKOTEX-ECO, NIKE RSL, PASSPORT, ZDHC, GHS and ADIDAS A01 and for printing machine, the comply with ACIMIT Green Label, ACIMIT ‘Sustainable Technologies’ Project, EU.

12345A Comparison Between MS LaRio Digital Printing and Rotary Screen Printing

Some Special Advantages of MS Lario

1.Non-stop winding technology to reduce downtime: The non-stop jumbo roll winder collects fold fabric to reduce/avoid the machine downtime, which is responsible for increasing roll changing time and cost.

2.Sample and bulk production in the same machine: Typically, a separate sampling machine is required for sample making before bulk production which creates additional costs and takes up extra space. But since MS Lario does not require screen, so samples of any size can be made at any time.

3.Can be controlled in real-time: The so called “Operational Wi-Fi Remote Control” system helps to reduce user’s set-up time and downtime. It helps to check the progress of printing process and to detect the irregularities of any process in real time.

4.Anti-crash head system to protect the heads: MS Lario is equipped with an advanced detection system, which measures the flatness and thickness variations of the fabric.


Robotics and automation have enabled us to run huge operations with little manpower. MS Lario digital machine is an example of automation. Where rotary printing requires huge manpower in different
departments, Lario machines cane be operated with the help of 7-8 employees. MS Lario will also play an important role in taking the printing industry of Bangladesh one step further.

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