M&S is setting 100 new targets as sustainability commitments by 2025

TF News Desk

ms-plan-aFor M&S, the evolution of its sustainability plan is not just about social and environmental sustainability. As is the case with much of the world’s retail sector, this is also about remaining sustainable economically. If M&S cannot thrive financially, then neither can many of the workers within the farthest reaches its supply chain.

Marks & Spencer has been the first mover in the retail sector on supply chain sustainability, the venerable UK department store chain, which operates about 1,000 locations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, says it is pushing even more boundaries. A decade after its first “Plan A” sustainability commitments, M&S is setting 100 new targets to be reached by 2025.

Community engagement sums up the first of the three pillars that largely define M&S’ 2025 targets. Well-being is another pillar, one that M&S says it hopes to improve the lives of 10 million people in the UK and abroad over the next eight years. M&S says key to this objective is sourcing 50 critical raw materials that come from sources respecting ecosystems, animals, communities and people. Finally, “caring for the planet” rounds out the third pillar of M&S’ recharged sustainability program.