Multi-Stakeholder Project to boost Organic Cotton transparency

Desk Report: A new multi-year project targeting transparency and fairness across the organic cotton sector has launched with support from Danish fashion retailer Bestseller and denim giant G-Star Raw.


The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) with funding support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) has launched Textile in Transition to improve decent working conditions in organic cotton production and secure the livelihoods of thousands of farmers while boosting the supply of organic cotton.

From 2023 onward, the project partners will start investing directly in supporting farmers choosing to take the three-year journey to transition to organic agriculture.

The participating brands will be connected directly to Indian farming communities through long-term procurement commitments of in-conversion and certified organic cotton at a premium price, providing security for farmers throughout the transition period and strengthening their business case                                                                                                                   Source: Multi-Stakeholder Project by OCA