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NaiaTM, a new sustainable cellulosic fiber for sweaters/knitwear, launched by Eastman


naia-tmEastman, a manufacturer of sustainable NaiaTM cellulosic fiber, recently released its NaiaTM fiber in the  sweaters/knitwear sector. According to a report by Global Fashion Agenda, the fabric allows sweater and knitwear designers greater options and diversity when designing.

Eastman NaiaTM cellulosic fiber is a sustainable fiber derived from wood pulp with complete traceability from tree to fiber. The fiber is produced in accordance with the strictest safety, social, and environmental guidelines. Eastman’s closed-loop manufacturing process allows for the recycling and safe reuse of solvents and water, resulting in low-impact fibers. NaiaTM enables the manufacture of sweaters that are comfortable, incredibly soft, silky, breathable, and lightweight, depending on the blend, for longer-lasting comfort.

Eastman NaiaTM cellulosic fiber, made from sustainably sourced wood, delivers the richness of nature to comfortable and effortlessly elegant garments. The fiber is ideal for materials used in women’s clothing. Our filament yarn makes rich, silky, and easy-to-care-for fabrics, while our staple fiber creates eco-friendly blends that are incredibly soft, quick drying, and consistently minimize pilling, providing designers more options.