NanoTextile Unveils New Website by 2021

nano-textilesOff the camera, NanoTextile Sdn Bhd has always had so many enquiries about what they do, their  services, what are their core values, and so on. Hence, within this week, NanoTextile Sdn Bhd is launching a new corporate website to encompass the business insights within the five years of journey. 

Advancement of digital technology and the economy, business communications have become more engaging. This is the perfect timing for the company to unveil the new site in the second quarter of 2021. The new site features a simple, contemporary design with a full update of the new portfolio, tools, and effective navigation. We aim to please our viewers and international clients. By clicking on our webpages, details and information are easy to find and refer. In addition, mobile users for Android and Apple devices will enjoy the same experience as viewers on laptop and desktop computers as it is fully optimized and compatible with the same ease of use. 

As stated by the Chief Executive Officer of NanoTextile Sdn Bhd, Dr. Thomas Ong, “NanoTextile wanted to give new experience to the viewers and client to know more about us as we have a vast of interesting stories to tell and we need our website as a new way for our clients to engage with us. We have been fortunate in the past few years especially in 2020 where NanoTextile nab Nanotechnology – Apparel trophy in Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards. Hence, we want to give the audience an easy access to pertinent information quickly. At one time, it represented us, and our mission to tap on the innovative potential of nanotechnologies in functionalized textiles. By the time they (clients) click on our website, it will give them some sort of idea on what NanoTextile is”.

In supporting the affected business players in the textile industry during this pandemic COVID-19, in line with our professional services, we provided pro bono consulting and advisory since 2020. Besides, you (viewers or clients) can review it on our website if you are curious about business partnerships, and we welcome you to know us more as we invite you to become part of us. 

“Having our website is like our introduction card; ever evolving and similar. It can be introduced to anyone. In media platforms, as the world is revolving, so do us. Indeed, one of the best features is, we have included a new inquiries mode for our client; a single click determines whether you would want to commercialize using our technologies for your products or get advisory and consultation from us as we assist you based on your product range. Besides, we welcome collaboration with a higher organization such as Research and Development (R&D) institutes and not to forget, the brand retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. As we move forward into 2021 and beyond whilst still practicing the new norm, getting the idea about our services is vital. With our technologies, we enable business players to venture into a new demand such as our anti-bacterial technology. 

Moreover, the audience can now review consolidated featurettes such as press releases, interviews, and success stories such as the recognitions across the world; i.e Malaysia Technology Excellence Award in Nanotechnology – Apparel category is within touch from the website. Our new partnerships with Volvo Car Malaysia for example, is a click away from useful links to their sustainability principles by launching their premium Batik face mask infused with our technology. 

In terms of the website provider, we have worked closely with the team from Exabytes in terms of designing, copywriting, and developing. Plus, Exabytes also has been trusted by 140,000 customers worldwide and they have created websites for high-end customers such as Royal Brunei Airlines, Abbott and Nando’s.