Need to empower Women in mid and higher management,create a healthy and safe workplace environment -Neela Hosna Ara, Chairman of Crony Group and Director,BGMEA

International Women’s Day -Women Leaders, entrepreneurs’ and Professionals Opinion by Textile Focus:-
Textile Focus  Women entrepreneurs’ representative is very low in Bangladesh’s trade organizations, but now its increasing, as you a Women Why are you joined country’s apex trade body BGMEA and who was your inspiration behind? How are you working with BGMEA for women empowerment?

Neela Hosna Ara, Chairman of Crony Group and Director,BGMEA: 


I have worked in the RMG industry for 28 years. As a female entrepreneur I have faced a number challenges however I believe being a woman is my biggest strength. I have joined the BGMEA with the aim to use my unique perspective to represent women’s issues and influence the growth of female entrepreneurs. My idol is and has always been Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Her patience, diligence and grace in guiding our country to where it is today is inspirational.

Our economic and social development under her time as Prime Minister is the reason I was able to grow my business today. As Director of BGMEA, I will use my experience and position to empower women inside and outside the industry through raising awareness of various important issues. One of my goals are to empower women in mid and higher management. It is essential that we create a healthy and safe workplace environment for them.