The Netherlands and the ILO are collaborating on a project to solve potential skill shortages in Vietnam’s clothing industry

ilo-neherland-vietnamThe Netherlands and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are collaborating on a project to solve  potential skill shortages in Vietnam’s clothing industry. The ILO will assist the Vietnamese government, businesses, and workers’ groups in determining what skills the industry and its workers will require now and in the future as part of the two-year initiative.

The initiative will concentrate on individuals who are most at danger of losing their employment as a result of the Covid issue and rising automation and digitalization in the workplace. The initiative will draw on insights learned from comparable ILO garment industry skills anticipatory programmes in Brazil, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Peru, as well as the successes of previous ILO skills development programs in Vietnam. The textile and garment industry in Vietnam is critical to the country’s development and progress. It employs over 2.7 million individuals, the great majority of whom are women. The Covid problem, on the other hand, has wreaked havoc on the sector. The pandemic has accelerated the drivers and megatrends that are transforming textile and apparel manufacturing, in addition to plant closures and lost income. To combat climate change, they include automation and digitization, as well as the development of greener and cleaner manufacturing methods.