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Timberland launched a collection of workwear made from recycled materials


timberland-pro-aw19-2-948x640Outdoor mark Timberland launched a collection of workwear made from recycled materials. The company has implemented ReBOTL technology to create a revolutionary material for the entire range using recycled plastic bottles. Calling the material RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), the brand has currently used more than 445 metric tons of plastic waste for this collection which includes plastic bottles.

Each piece of the collection is made up of at least 40 per cent of RPET, while the bags are made up of 62 per cent of the material. Timberland claims that they are working on incorporating more of the material in future collections. Consisting of outerwear, sneakers and accessories, the collection revolves around workwear that inclines more towards a casual approach. Inspired by summer, colors like mustard, navy and aqua green make up the majority of the collection. The lining of the jackets is made up of RPET along with the linings of the sneakers and bags.

The line also contains a pair of rugged worker pants that fit patches to the jackets. In this series, the sneakers are more chunky side and have an olive-colored exterior with a white midsole and a black bottom sole with ridges. The line also includes other shoe types including oxfords and hikers.